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Becker’s Healthcare is dedicated to serving our readers with the most trusted information and news within the healthcare industry and providing our clients phenomenal service and unparalleled industry access. We are passionate about helping people; our readers, our clients and our team. We have the exceptional opportunity to have a consistent and positive impact on the healthcare industry - join us and let's leave our mark together.  

“Every day is a new opportunity to make a difference in the healthcare industry. We are constantly innovating, doubling down on what we do well and making adjustments to become even better. Positivity permeates the culture at Becker's and together we are able to overcome challenges and exceed our goals.”

Laura Dyrda, Editor in Chief, Becker's ASC Review, Becker's Spine Review 

“I feel lucky to be surrounded by a team that radiates positivity and encouragement with whatever we do! When we encounter challenges, our team sees these roadblocks as opportunities to learn and be better. This positive attitude is contagious and creates a workplace full of determination to help reach our company goals!” 

Emma Goodman, AVP, Client Success

“At Becker's Healthcare what you contribute each and every day matters. As a small team it takes the focus and drive of each individual for Becker's to thrive. I feel incredibly blessed to understand my purpose and see the direct results of my efforts helping to grow our organization.”  

Ally Warner, VP of Sales

“Becker's 10 core values are shared with employees when they join the team, and those values are woven in the fabric of every aspect of the business. The company goes out of its way every month to recognize employees who exemplify those values in the work they do.”

John Scheibel, Copy Editor 

“Strong values mean everything at Becker's. We stick to our core values and live them out everyday. At Becker's we make good things happen for good people and we mean that.”

Ryan Ciepley, Senior Account Executive

“Helping others is a central theme at Becker's -- both within the company and out in the community. Employees are quick to lend a hand whenever needed whether it's a close co-worker or someone from another department, everyone realizes the importance of being a team player and helping others. It's true in the community, too. Becker's gives back to the community through donations and active participation in many local charities. And those opportunities to help out are extended to all employees.”

John Scheibel, Copy Editor 

“Becker's is all about being extremely helpful and supportive. Becker's subscribes to the mentality that no question is a stupid one, and if you are thinking it, odds are others are too. If you are in need, all you have to do is ask and you will most likely have three or more people eagerly respond wanting to know how they can be of assistance. You never feel like you can't turn to a colleague for help.” 

Cierra Levy, Associate Director, Key Accounts & Dental Partnerships

“The Becker's team is incredibly productive and everything we do is mission critical. From day one, all team members contribute at a high level, adding extreme value to our readers and clients.”

Laura Dyrda, Editor in Chief, Becker's ASC Review, Becker's Spine Review 

"Becker's Healthcare is by far the most productive, hard-working, and driven team I've ever been a part of. Everyone in the organization embodies this "good enough is not good enough" mentality, which creates this infectious culture of continuous improvement and results. I'm surrounded by people who perform at their highest level each and every day, which pushes me to greatness beyond what I thought was possible."

Abbie Engel, AVP, Events

“Each day presents a new challenge and learning opportunity. The more challenges you take on at Becker's, the more opportunities you have to grow and initiatives to lead.”

Margo Vieceli, AVP, Operations

"Working on the data team at Becker's gives me the opportunity to confront challenges and the freedom to problem solve and own the solutions."  

Raphael Roxas, Manager, Data and Operations

"I'm proud of the sheer grit and tenacity that our full team has shown in reaching our overall goals amidst all of the uncertainty in 2020."

Rolando Velazquez, Assistant Manager, Strategic Sales

“Becker's Healthcare is an environment where driven individuals thrive. We have a mindset that good is not good enough, we challenge ourselves, hold our teammates accountable and celebrate our incredible accomplishments.” 

Ally Warner, VP of Sales

“Everyone at Becker's exudes the team player spirit. It's all for one and one for all whether you are in the same department or a different one. We know we are all working towards the same clear company goals and that is what unites us to the point that we are happy and ready to take on any project or task even if we have never done it before. We are constantly acknowledging those who display #teamplayer spirit on a daily basis.”

Cierra Levy, Associate Director, Key Accounts & Dental Partnerships

“It takes a team to make great things happen. Becker's has some of the most motivated and driven team members that are always willing to jump in to help a fellow member and to help drive our goals forward. It's great to know there are others that always have your back.” 

Margo Vieceli, AVP, Operations

It has been awesome to be a part of a team that values giving back to our community with monthly opportunities for volunteering, donating and more. Some of my favorite experiences have been volunteering at PAWS Animal Shelter, participating in Lurie Children's Annual Step Up for the Kids Event, and teaching Chicago youth about further education and personal life skills through Junior Achievement. Through these various opportunities, I have met some incredible, selfless people that inspire me every day.”

Emma Goodman, AVP, Client Success  

“I'm so grateful to be part of a team that seeks opportunities to give back. From spending over 8 hours on our feet during Chicago Dance Marathon, to shopping online for our virtual food drive with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the different outreach experiences have brought me closer to my Becker's teammates and our community as a whole.”  

Malena McClory, Senior Manager, Events

“Becker’s has a solid, high-performance history of continually surpassing big and challenging goals. The combination of unbelievable team resiliency and ambitious leadership allows Becker’s to achieve these goals leading to reliable, consistent and exciting company growth!”

Anne Stokes, Chief of Staff

“At Becker's we are hyper focused on growth. What I love most about working at Becker's is the understanding that company growth starts with individual growth. The opportunities we are given to chase our personal & professional dreams and goals fuels our energy to achieve company goals and growth.”

Ryan Ciepley, Senior Account Executive


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Becker's Healthcare is a fast-paced media firm in downtown Chicago. We provide our readers the cutting-edge business information and news they need to know to help their hospitals and surgery centers thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our 6 conferences are nation-wide events that pull in healthcare leaders from across the country for the ultimate educational and networking opportunity. We work diligently with our advertising partners to help them build strong relationships within the industry and ultimately help their businesses grow.  

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