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How Two DSOs Leverage Dental Analytics to Improve Their Business Performance and Growth


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  1. It's been a challenging year so far for the dental industry — halfway into 2023, leaders are still worried about rising operational costs and staff shortages, while demand is driving a market that's expected to grow significantly over the next few years. How are you seeing these trends affect dental practices and patients today? In your view, what areas of business/operations are most challenged, and how does your organization approach these issues?

  2. What is the role of data in identifying and addressing some of the challenges we've discussed?

  3. We know collecting data for the sake of collecting data doesn't get organizations very far. How can practices not only ensure they're collecting accurate and reliable data, but also analyzing and reporting it effectively? What are some best practices here?

  4. What are the key metrics that DSOs and dental practices should track to measure practice performance? In your view, are there any particular measures that organizations tend to overlook? What should they be paying closer attention to

  5. Can you share examples (from your organization or partner) of how data insights have influenced key metrics/targeted outcomes?

  6. Looking to the future — what do you think will be possible in the next few years with dental analytics? If more organizations adopted this approach, what would the industry look like?


  • Bill Becknell, Chief Executive Officer, Mortenson Dental Partners
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